September 2019 Featured Encounter comes from The Ruins of DC BEAS2017 Series


Bitter Cherry Tree

Location: Earth Prime

Gene bombed cherry trees grown in abundance near waterways and ponds. The beautiful pink flowers exude a rich aroma that fills the mind with hunger unless a successful 5 or higher is drawn. Characters who fail their check begin devouring the ripe cherries from among the blossoms, and shortly suffer one mutation effect unless an 8 or better is drawn. To determine which mutation is suffered, draw a card and consult the table below.

Background: On Earth Prime, the native plant life was heavily affected by the indiscriminate use of biological and atomic style weapons used during the alien attack. Many flora now exhibit unique mutations. Some can be very deadly.

Card Draw Mutation
2 Extra Eye
3 Extra Arm
4 Third Leg
5 Extra Mouth
6 Madness
7 Antennae
8 Wings (Bug or Bird)
9 Tail (Reptilian or Primate)
10 Feathers
J Gills (gains water breathing)
Q Carapace (Armor + )
K Draw 2
A Death

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