October 2019 Featured Encounter comes from The Rise of Phoenix Blackhand BEAS2017 Series


Engineering Robot

5 6 7 8 


Rank: 1
Hit Points: 50
Defense: 35



Silhouette:  The robot is designed to fix broken things. It is able to use solar energy to recharge its batteries. It’s programmed to build replacement parts for broken machinery. It also can be programmed to rebuild ruined buildings.
Attitude:  It never attacks anything. It is capable of retreating away from an aggressive creature.  
Attacks:  None
Defense:  For every point of damage the robot takes, that number of charges from energy weapons in the immediate vicinity will be drained as the robot restores its energy.
Special:  Its programming will allow it to fix any broken thing that it comes upon.

Location: Earth Prime
Entity: Construct
Species: Robotic
Type: Created

The Rise of Phoenix Blackhand