November 2019 Featured Encounter comes from The Ruins of Mexico City BEAS2017 Series



J A A♠ 10♠          


Rank:  3   
Hit Points:  40      
Attack:  Energy Blast 30/20
Defense:  20


NPC - Android

Silhouette:  A pewter-gray android connected to computers by a collection of cables. When using his energy burst, brilliant blue energy crackles along the cords and into his body.
Attitude:  Eolica appears neutral at first but will turn on player characters as soon as he sees them as a threat. Eolica wishes to appear helpful, so he will answer most questions honestly, but won’t give away any information that would encourage the party to leave the vicinity. Instead, Eolica will send player characters on dangerous quests with the promise of rewards but is actually using them for his own entertainment with no intention of fulfilling his part of the bargain.
Attacks:  Energy Blast: 30/20 (while connected), 19/11 (disconnected) - Range 20 feet.
Defense:  20 with /10 without spider armor. When combat begins, Eolica summons the repair spiders in the room to act as his armor.  
Special:  Disconnect to reduce damage and defenses, Repairs 10 Hits/Round while connected.

Background:  Eolica is the android that once ran the Eolica, Inc factory in Mexico City. He has created an army of robotic servants to guard his domain and serve his will, taking the name of the factory for himself. Eolica rules the ruined city from the depths of the old factory, watching it through the eyes of his camera drones, and always seeking new entertainment. Eolica has linked his mind to the processors of the old factory, increasing his intelligence and power, but the weight of the centuries and the extreme boredom has made him unstable. He builds new creations in an effort to amuse himself. Most recently, he created a group of gladiator androids who were sent into the city to hunt and destroy one another.

Entity: Construct    Species: Android        Type: Robotic

Location: Earth Prime - Mexico City

The Ruins Of DC