December 2019 Featured Encounter comes from The Ruins of Mexico City BEAS2017 Series


Caza Kero

A A J♠ 9♠           


Rank:  3   
Hit Points:  60      
Attack:  Kero’s Glaive 10/10
Defense:  20

NPC - Android

Silhouette:  A tall, angular figure with a shock of blue hair. Patches of dull metal show through where her faux skin has been chipped away. Her left eye is gone, leaving a round red crystal in its place. She has a suit of armor fashioned out of scrap and metal plating scavenged from android bodies.
Attitude:  Caza Kero is the last surviving gladiator android built for Eolica’s entertainment. She has overcome the programming that dictates she kill to entertain, but she has a strong sense of paranoia from being constantly on the defensive. Prizing freedom above all else, she would rather destroy herself than be captured and enslaved again.  
Special:  If she has less than ten hits, on her turn she will set off the bomb in her chest. Draw three cards and add up the value of any ♦, ♠, and ♠ to determine damage. Draw an extra card to damage characters soaked in oil as their clothing catches fire.

Background: Caza Kero was created by the android Eolica. She was a group of gladiator androids who were sent into the city to hunt and destroy one another. Caza Kero was the only surviving android.

Entity: Construct    Species: Android        Type: Robotic

Location: Earth Prime - Mexico City

The Ruins Of Mexico City