BEAS2017 Weapons Hunt

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Written by James M. Ward
A Blasted Earth Adventure Series
1 of 12 from the 2017 Blasted Earth Beginner Adventure


Weapon Hunt

A Beginning Adventure on the Blasted Earth


This adventure is designed to be played with the Basic Rules Set or the Advanced Rules and deals with the surface of the blasted Earth. It is suitable for 3-8 characters of all types.

This map and adventure is designed around the town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin in the United States. It’s the town that the designer grew up in and lived in almost all of his life.


Explore the Mysteries of the Forest


This is the first of 12 stand-alone adventures set in the 77 LOST WORLDS Campaign setting. This adventure is designed to be perfect to take characters from the basic set and the moon and have them start to explore the blasted Earth. It’s also perfect to start using the advanced rules set and the new character classes.


Deep in the forest is a tree village filled with heroes. The characters of the game start as young adults ready to go out and prove their adult status. They are to explore the forest area and find their own powerful weapons. Although it’s an easy task, there is nothing easy in dealing with the deadly creatures of the world’s forests.


These twelve adventures allow the player characters to explore the apocalyptic world. The ultimate quest is to get into space and begin exploring what is left of mankind’s civilization in the solar system of terra. Eventually, the mankind will once again get to the stars to see what the aliens did to his worlds 314 years ago.


New Game Masters will find this adventure useful in putting together their own forest adventures. The author used his own town in the creation of this map. He encourages everyone to use their town or city to create the interesting campaign setting of hundreds of years from now after aliens have blasted the earth and mutants roam the wilderness.