There have been some questions about the various books. I am in the process of producing a new PDF and hopefully video to walk through this. For now, let me lay this out here. The Lost 77 Worlds RPG was released in 2015 with a Lunar Resort campaign setting. We did this as a basic box set in the style of the early D&D basic set. The set contained the AS1 Core Rule Book and the AS2 Lunar Resort Adventure book. These books detail the core rules, the ward card system, and the three resort domes on the moon. Over the last two years, we have released several adventures and anthologies which expanded the game a good bit. We have developed the Blasted Earth setting detailing the Ultimate Apocalyptic Planet. This new campaign/adventure setting is detailed in the AS3 Earth Prime "The Blasted Earth" book which is now available.

AS3 contains everything you need to run a game on the Blasted Earth. It contains expanded rules, mutants, Encounters, Aliens, and many terrain types across the planet. We have 12 adventures coming out this year to support the game. When using the AS3 book you can bring characters from the basic game down from Luna in which case you should have the basic set or a copy of AS1 or you can start players in the post-apocalyptic environment on the earth where they can play many different character types native to the planet. In the Lunar Resort setting, you can only play pure strain humans.

- Stephen A. Lee