Lunar Resorts Anthology Vol II

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77 Worlds Lunar Resorts Anthology Volume 2 is a Collection of Short Stories by several Authors based in the simulated environments of the Lunar Resort Domes. Many of these stories fit nicely into the time period of each dome while other imply or outright expose the technology, aliens, and powers "behind the curtain".

§ Kingdom of Magic © James M. Ward                               

§ Clear the Air © Craig Martelle

§ End of the Line - The Space Port of Luna © Stephen A. Lee

§ Jewel in the Sky © Valerie Emerson                      

§ Battle of the Henge (Dragon Sword part 2) © Steve Peek

§ 20 20 20 (Rum Run part 2) © Jean Rabe

§ Royal Wolf Quest (Winter Wolf  part 2) © Stephen A. Lee