Doom Of The Blasted Earth

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Written by James M. Ward

Doom Of The Blasted Earth - An Adventure on the Blasted Earth

The androids and A.I. of the moon have a list of vital resources they need gathered from the Earth. Their data is more than 300 years out of date, but they have GPS listings on the Earth of where these materials used to be.

The player group gets a choice of locations to search. Characters may have to visit more than one location to collect the needed amount. Each location is in different types of terrain. The Androids don’t know exactly where the materials are but the locations are within ten miles of where it was 311 years ago.

The pace of life on Earth is much faster than that of the moon. On the moon, the encounters for hundreds of years are set so that the tourists could adapt and survive. On the Earth, life and death happen in the blink of an eye.

Forests and Jungles: Mutated creatures move in the forests of the world. Alien DNA was seeded onto the Earth. Heavier radiation from the sun has struck the Earth for over 300 years. The forces of natural selection have gone into over drive to make deadly and superior predators.

Desert Lands: There are many different types of deserts and step lands on the Blasted Earth these environments have spawned mutated robots and malfunctioning Androids.

Volcanic Ash: Here alien life is everywhere. Creatures here depend on the heat of the lava and the minerals in the springs, ash fall, and lava flows to survive. Other creatures come into the ash lands looking for prey.

Doom of the Blasted Earth is designed to be played with the Basic Rules Set and deals with the surface of the Blasted Earth. It is suitable for 3-8 characters of all types.  The Game Master should know the rules and Ward card system before he exposes his players to this adventure.

This adventure is designed for use with the Ward Card system for generation of random numbers and game play mood. The card system is used for all aspects of the game from skill checks, combat, to other status needs during the game. The alien invasion 300 years ago left the Earth in ruins. A terrible weapon scarred the Earth leaving a volcanic mountain range that circled the planet like a belt. The Sentient starships that protected the human colony worlds rushed back to save the home world and they succeeded in defeating the alien fleets. However, the Earth had been suffered from the attack. Bio-weapons had been unleashed that changed the Earth forever. Humanity and all of Earth’s creatures had to change in order to survive.