Doom and Treasure

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Doom and Treasure

A Card Adventure for the DragonScales FRPG

A low ranked mini-adventure

Merchants have come to the king of Concord to plead for help. It seems a young gold dragon has set up a warren overlooking the main trade route between Concord and other cities. It has started attacking in the daylight, which is very unusual for dragons. The merchants know exactly where the entrance to the dragon’s warren is located on the side of a mountain. However, the ground around the warren opening is loose rock and the chance for an avalanche of stone is almost a certainty.


The merchants are willing to put up a bond of 1,000 silver and flying potions for each of the characters attempting to slay the dragon. The characters can also keep whatever treasures the dragon has been able to collect.

The king calls out for heroes to gather to try and end the terror of this dragon. Your group is promised six months of room and board at the best inn of Concord if they are successful.

Dragonscales is a fantasy campaign realm filled with the normal wizards, vampires, dark creatures, and deadly encounters. In this realm dragons rule the night skies and terrify the populaces of every land. Only the heroes (player characters) are bold enough to face these dragons; fight them; and take their magical scales to use in further quests.

Dragonscales is a new Fantasy Roleplaying game from James M. Ward and Stephen A. Lee