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BEAS 2017 Adventure Series Released

1 year 10 months ago #118

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BEAS-2017 12 adventure module series is now available. The best way to get this series is through our current kickstarter. However, Adventure 1 of 12 Weapons Hunt occurs in Elkhorn, Wisconsin about 311 years from now. This adventure is a fun introduction to the blasted earth and the start of a series of adventures that will take your characters to every terrain on the Blasted Earth.

This series is available as a subscription of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12. They are also available as individual adventures. If you join the kickstarter and get 4 adventures then your subscription will be extended by that number of adventures. This series will release one adventure per month during 2017.


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1 year 6 months ago #126

Here is the tentative title for each of the BEAS2017 adventure modules. Adventure 1 is released, 2 and 3 will release as soon as the maps are completed, 4, 5, and 6 are written and in editing.

BEAS01 WEAPONS HUNT Treasures in the Elkhorn Forest by James M. Ward
BEAS02 Transport Hunt Treasures of the Doomed Desert by James M. Ward
BEAS03 Equipment Hunt Treasures of the Doomed Volcanic Lands by James M. Ward
BEAS04 Ruins of D.C. The Apocalyptic Forest of D.C. by Casey Christopherson
BEAS05 Ruins of Mexico City Doom in the Ruins of Mexico City by Valerie Emerson
BEAS06 Ruins of London Doom in Ruins of London by Chris Clark
BEAS07 Ruins of Madrid Doom in the Ruins of Madrid by Stephen Lee
BEAS08 Ruins of Tokyo Doom in the Ruins of Tokyo by Steven Winter
BEAS09 Ruins of Melbourne Doom in the Ruins of Melbourne, Australia
BEAS10 Ruins of Cairo Doom in the Ruins of Cairo, Egypt
BEAS11 Rise of Phoenix Blackhand The black hand gang Phoenix, Arizona
BEAS12 Rise of Juneau Reddog The Red dog gang has risen to restore order

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1 year 3 months ago #129

As part of the kickstarter project we have completed 8 of the 12 Adventures. Some of these adventures have grown in scope providing a lot of extra content, maps, encounters, and excitement well beyond the typical adventure module. Even with the 25%-60% increase in page count the prices are locked in at the same low rate. Each module now contains a complete local adventure, clues and components for the great LDP quest, and an Encounter Listing which you can use for other adventures you create. Most modules have area's detailed that allow for easy expansion beyond the sections covered by the map. For example you might expand the ruins of London or include a trip to the offshore Robotic facility near Madrid. Currently we are on schedule for a full release of the product line in November.

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