Weapons Hunt

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Written by James M. Ward
A Blasted Earth Adventure Series
1 of 12 from the 2017 Blasted Earth Beginner Adventure


Weapon Hunt - A Blasted Earth LDP Quest

Explore the Mysteries of the Forest

On the Blasted Earth, One forest is much like another. The trees have had 314 years to grow tall and wide. There are villages in the forest, the inhabitants have gone to great lengths to make sure there is a canopy above their heads and they live comfortably in deluxe huts among the large branches of the trees so that they can’t be seen from above.

This is the first of 12 stand-alone adventures set in the Lost 77 Worlds Campaign setting. This adventure is designed to be perfect to take characters from the basic set, The Lunar Resort, and have them start to explore the Blasted Earth. It’s also perfect to start using the expanded rules from the AS3 Blasted Earth book to start a new party with the new character types. The first three adventures are treasure hunts while the last nine are difficult scenarios to overcome encounters in the doom lands. As you complete each segment of the elusive development project you get one step closer to gaining the ability to get out to the Jupiter shipyards.

In this adventure, your party will travel to or start from a village deep in the forest. In fact, this is an apocalyptic version of Elkhorn, Wisconsin which is the authors home town. From this village of heroes, the characters of the game start as young adults ready to go out and prove their adult status. They are to explore the forest area and find their own powerful weapons. Although it’s an easy task, there is nothing easy in dealing with the deadly creatures of the world’s forests. The character’s from Luna will be invited along on this quest which will give them an opportunity to explore the area.

The BEAS2017 adventure series provide specific quest in each module while also being part of a great quest to discover the mythical Lee Development Project. Each adventure allows the player characters to explore a different section of the Ultimate Apocalyptic Planet. Note that each of the first three adventures provide different treasures to equipment the party so characters starting on the Blasted Earth will most likely want to complete all of them prior to going to D.C. Lunar Characters who lack specific equipment should be sent to the proper starting point for the adventure which will provide them the opportunity to equip and to get a map to D.C.

New Game Masters may find this adventure useful in putting together their own forest
adventures. The author used his own town in the creation of this map. He encourages everyone to use their town or city to create the interesting campaign setting of hundreds of years from now after aliens have blasted the earth and mutants roam the wilderness.

A Beginning Adventure on the Blasted Earth

This adventure is designed to be played with the Expanded Rules in the AS3 Sourcebook. This adventure occurs on the surface of the Blasted Earth. It is suitable for 3-8 characters of all types.  The Game Master should know the rules and Ward card system before he exposes his players to this adventure. 

This adventure is designed for use with the Ward Card system for generation of random numbers and gameplay mood. The card system is used for all aspects of the game from skill checks, combat, to other status needs during the game.