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James M. Ward

James M. Ward went to college to gain an education degree with majors in English and History. In 1974 he met Gary Gygax and began to turn out fantasy and science fiction product. Highlights of that work include:  METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA the first science fiction RPG, GAMMA WORLD the first apocalypse RPG, DEITIES & DEMIGODS, GREYHAWK ADVENTURES as well as hundreds of articles in STRATIGIC REVIEW, DRAGON MAGAZINE, POLYHEDRON, SCRYE, and CRUSADER journal articals.

He has had successes with several game companies: the GREAT SHAKES CHARLIE BROWN game, TAINTED LANDS the horror rpg, OF GODS AND MONSTERS, DARK OUTPOST, DARK VISITOR, and DARK COLONY.

In 2014 James began working with Stephen on the new SF RPG Apocalyptic game: 77 Worlds

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Stephen A. Lee

Stephen A. Lee has been writing short stories and developing games since the 1980's including table top, PBM, and computer games.  He first became interested in Science Fiction with BSG, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Space 1999 during the 70's and started reading Larry Niven's "A gift from Earth" and was hooked on Sci-Fi and Fantasy books from then on. He was first introduced to role playing in scout camp back in the late 70's and remained an avid player and game master well into the 1990's. Stephen has published articles in computer journals, ran gaming and computer groups, and been a guest on PBS television shows in Atlanta, Georgia. In the early 2000's, Stephen met with Gary Gygax in Lake Geneva for the first time since 1983 at Gen Con South and began working with a space adventure for a new science fiction role-playing game. Later in 2004/2005 Stephen and James M. Ward met at a game session in LG. In 2013, James and Stephen began discussing the concept of The Lost 77 Worlds RPG which was then developed and subsequently released in the fall of 2014.

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Moses "Wolf" Wildermuth 

Old School Gamer to Old School Game Designer 

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