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 The World of Mutazoids is in chaos and transition. By the early 21st Century nearly ninety percent of Humankind have died from a synthetic plague which savaged the world. Those unlucky enough to be left alive struggle for survival in a horrific environment. Physical and mental mutations are common...

Civilization of a sort has returned to the cities but in the out lands things are very different.

Almost over night, man was no longer alone. Natural permutations of the original Mutazoids plague changed the wilderness and have rise to non-human sentience.

Struggling to rebuild their civilization humans founded the second republic where those with obvious mutations are branded Mutazoids and live in the fringe of the ruined cities as outcast. Out side the cities and beyond the fringe lay the out lands. In the out lands bizarre creatures, out of control nature, ancient machines, and non-human sentience ensure few who venture there ever return.

Now, you must venture out from the fringe and survive in a shattered world...

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"Mutazoids3E, a direct descendant of the Mutazoids line of products by Ken Whitman and Christopher Clark is a D20 SRD/OGL based product. It is not a licensed D20 product so does not carry the D20 logo, but I see this as a bonus. While it retains it basic D20 compatibility it provides huge latitude for Money Talks Enterprises to do with it what they wanted without the usual restrictions. And WHAT they've done with this freedom has been astounding. The players handbook is a whopping 240 pages packed with goodies. A deal of a buy in my opinion.

The setting pre-supposes a general cataclysmic event, as in most post apocalyptic scenarios. Along with the usual, general warfare and nuclear exchange are rising waters and widespread effects of a virus that caused the mutagenic changes that dominate the setting.

The first thing you are bound to notice is the character generation system. To accommodate the post apocalyptic nature of the setting there had to be some changes, and Mutazoids3E went all out to fill this gap. No longer will you find races and classes. To replace those genre specific anachronisms are classification and vocation. Classification determines the number and types of mutations and hit die a character has. Vocation is like a character template of which they've just about covered all the potential campaign needs.

As I said, hit die are no longer determined by class or vocation, but by a process based on size and constitution of the character...." READ MORE HERE

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 Free Downloads

The Mutazoids3e Preview

By: Moses "Wolfy" Wildermuth

20 pages / 1.4 meg / .pdf

A sampler and preview of the Mutazoids3e setting. This is good stuff. I personally own both the original and the 3rd Edition material and like it very much. There is a lot to like in this system.

Click for this FREE PDF preview ==> The Mutazoids3e Preview

The Mutazoids3e: Big Book of Plants and Animals

By: Moses "Wolfy" Wildermuth
102 pages / 495 kb / .pdf

Contains the following:

Example 01 - Apes
Chapter 01 - Common Mounts
Chapter 02 - Flying Mounts
Chapter 03 - Primitive Vehicles
Chapter 04 - Gear for Mounts
Chapter 05 - Normal Animals
Chapter 06 - Dire Animals
Chapter 07 - Dinosaurs
Chapter 08 - Beasts and Plants
Chapter 09 - Vermin
D20 Open Game License

Player Character Animal Extras
By: Moses "Wolfy" Wildermuth
8 pages / 252 kb / .pdf

This document contains some extras that were excluded from the original players guide and Big Book of Plants and Animals offered above. Plus it has the animal template and special abilities that are common to animals. Check it out!


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