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 2019-June-2 Dragonscales softcover editions are in the mail. Hardcover and pLeather editions are in production. 3 of the 5 Adventures are done. I expect the hardcovers, leathers and adventures to ship within two weeks.

2019-June-05 The Dragonscales PDF has been updated and is now available. http://firesidecreations.com/epdf-2

2019-June-24 All Dragonscales physical books (SB, HB, and Leather) are in the mail. The Anthologies and Adventures should be done in a few weeks.

NEW Dragonscales Character Sheets 201904 PDF - Free Download CLICK HERE   This file has been updated and now contains Blank character sheets for each Character type. These are designed for players with character type abilities listed so going back to the book is rarely required during play. If you downloaded the March release, you should update to these. UPDATED

Pre-Generated Characters 2019 we will create these soon.

Dragonscales Equipment and Other Guidelines - Free Download CLICK HERE
This is the elusive equipment section for the early Play test versions of the book plus some additional guidelines.

 Ward Card System PDF - Free Download - The Ward Card System (WCS) Explained in detail. Included a sample combat round.Revised 04/08/2016 for 77 Worlds which uses the same combat system. We will have an extensive Dragonscales example with Magic items soon.


2019 June 24th - A new adventure is slated for August/September - The Haunted Dwarven Mine by Stephen A. Lee

James M. Ward and Stephen A. Lee present a new Fantasy RPG. Dragonscales FRPG is a ward card system, WCS, based game set in the Chromatic Kingdoms and the core book contains six new character types, a new spell system, new spells, Deities of the Chromatic Kingdoms, Magical and Mythical Encounters, Equipment, Powers, and WCS combat system. Everything you need to run a game or a campaign is included in the core book. Adventure begins in the City of Concord which sits astride the great rift canyon.

Beyond the City of Concord, the land is filled with abandoned castles, ruins, small villages, mines, dragon warrens, enclaves of dwarf's, a few tribes of elves and scattered small human kingdoms. The dragon wars have brought all to the brink of destruction thus the neutral grounds that are the City of Concord where factions can meet and discuss accords and perhaps peace in a relatively safe place.

The core book details six Character Types you can play:

  • Fang Warrior make magical weapons from their Dragonscales. They are talented blacksmiths and can make special weapons.
  • Dragon Eye Mage make spells out of their Dragonscales. They can cast a number of spells and make potions of all sorts.
  • Forest Caretakers use DragonScales to summon creatures of the forest. They always have a group of tamed wild creatures.
  • Templar Warriors use DragonScales to make holy weapons and cast holy effects to fight undead and the most evil of dragons.
  • Fortune-Hunters have vast skills in opening locked things, in climbing into difficult areas, and in sensing trouble in warrens and caves.
  • Speakers of the Air use DragonScales and the gifts of the gods to create special artifacts that are unusually effective in combat.

The character gains new powers, abilities, and hit points as they complete more quest. Higher Rank is achieved by completing a number of quest to reach the new rank which then allows you to draw more cards for each action. Thus your probability of success is greatly increased with each new Rank.

#RPG-NET Q&A with Stephen A Lee and James M Ward discussing Dragonscales. https://gmshoe.wordpress.com/2018/06/14/qa-james-m-ward-stephen-lee-dragonscales/

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