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Update: June 2017 - Kickstarter surveys have all been reworked (as requested) to allow selection of the books and modules you wish. If your backer level has two anthologies and two adventure you can opt for four adventures or four books instead. This minor change puts control in your hands to ensure you can the best value based on past purchases and how you will use the game. Some want more adventures while others prefer to creature their own modules and prefer the inspiration of the short stories to fire their imaginations. The goal was May and we have two days so it will be close but we hope to have them out in time.

News from the Apocalyptic Future - 2017 August

  1. PDF downloads are now password free. If you have a PDF with a password and want a password free PDF contact us and we will provide a coupon for a free download of the current version.
  2. The website is currently going through a technology upgrade to make it even more secure and eliminate minor bugs. The top login buttons and subject drop downs are now working again and other improvements are on the way. So some of it looks a little funny as the old template does not play well with the upgrades. We are updating section by section and should have it complete by August when the KS downloads will begin. Hang in there for a far better experience.
  3. Kickstarter Survey, Product Catalog with detailed write ups, and art for KS rewards are all being worked this month.
  4. Kickstarter download page is under construction to make it simply to download all your eBook and PDF rewards

Special Product(s):

The CS Bonnie Brown for Metamorphosis Alpha is now available.

Don Higgin's 365 art book is now available. This book of illustrations covers includes subjects across the board and includes several 1,000-word stories about many illustrations written by various authors. A picture is worth a thousand words after all.

“The Adventurers’ Practical Guide to Alchemy and Herbalism™” by Moses Wildermuth is now available.

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