Transport Hunt

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Written by James M. Ward

Transport Hunt - A Blasted Earth LDP Quest

Explore the Mysteries of the Desert

This adventure introduces your players too deep desert adventures in the Lost 77 Worlds. It is one of the first three adventures to begin the LDP Quest. This adventure is designed to be perfect to take characters from the resort on Luna and have them start to explore the Blasted Earth. It’s also perfect to start using the Expanded Rules in the AS3 Sourcebook and the new character classes.

Deep in the desert are the pueblo ruins over a thousand years old. They have become the
starting point of a brave band of humans and mutants struggling to survive in the heat of the desert. Although there is a great deal of unknown danger in the desert, all of the villagers know of the taboo ruins in the North cliff face. The children of the village often dare each other to run in and out of those ruins. This child’s play has caused a terrible problem. Two young children were grabbed by a metal creature and pulled deep in the ruins. It is up to you as the strong heroes of the pueblo to brave the dangers of the taboo ruins and rescue the children.

This adventure is the 2nd in the 2017 Blasted Earth series. These twelve adventures allow the player characters to explore the apocalyptic world. The ultimate quest is to get into space and begin exploring what is left of mankind’s civilization in the sol system. Eventually, mankind will once again get to the stars to see what the aliens did to their worlds 314 years ago. New Game Masters may find this adventure useful in putting together their own desert adventures.

This adventure is designed to be played with the Expanded Rules in the AS3 Sourcebook. This adventure occurs on the surface of the Blasted Earth. It is suitable for 3-8 characters of all types.  The Game Master should know the rules and Ward card system before he exposes his players to this adventure. This adventure is designed for use with the Ward Card system for generation of random numbers and gameplay mood. The card system is used for all aspects of the game from skill checks, combat, to other status needs during the game.