Equipment Hunt

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Written by James M. Ward

Equipment Hunt - A Blasted Earth LDP Quest

Explore the Dangerous Volcanic Range

This adventure introduces your players to volcanic region adventures in the Lost 77 Worlds. It is one of the first three adventures to begin the LDP Quest.  This adventure is designed to be perfect to take characters from the resort on Luna and have them start to explore the Blasted Earth. It’s also perfect to start using the Expanded Rules in the AS3 Sourcebook and the new Character Types.

The volcanic lands are dangerous and deadly. Soot gets into everything and machines tend to break down. Some ancient machines seem to be immune from the soot but most have serious issues. The local village of domes sends their young out to explore the region because they have greater stamina and resistance to the environment. Their first quest are always to find and bring back green rider plants to serve as mounts. Your players can play Blasted Earth character types or if they come from Luna they can join in on the quest as a way to learn from local guides as they explore the volcanic lands of the Blasted Earth.

The green riders are used by the village as mounts since they seem to ignore the soot and live for a long time on water and sunlight. Machines from Luna will break down if not properly overhauled from time to time. During this quest the players will have the opportunity to find lots of interesting equipment. Most of this will be found in the ancient office complex where an elder from the village will recommend they seek the conference rooms to see what kind of information can be found. Use the wandering encounter table and add entrances to lava tubes which will be the source of the monsters. The lava tubes can run from a hundred yards to more than a mile.

This adventure is the 3rd in the 2017 Blasted Earth series. These twelve adventures allow the player characters to explore the apocalyptic world. The ultimate quest is to get into space and begin exploring what is left of mankind’s civilization in the sol system. Eventually, mankind will once again get to the stars to see what the aliens did to their worlds 314 years ago.