Ruins of London

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Written by Christopher Clark

Doom in the Ruins of London - A Blasted Earth LDP Quest

Awright Geeezzaa!, Let’s Have a Butchers On the Old Smoke

The London we are about to explore is a far cry from the London of the 21st century. A lien attacks 300 years ago have left only a few ruins, scattered pockets of mutated survivors eking out a miserable existence below ground, and a vast desert of volcanic ash. The climate is dry, and often toxic. Food and water are scarce to non-existent, and the city’s many automated systems, all now centuries old, are either broken or have run amok. In the midst of this chaos, strange parodies of life prowl, hungry and carnivorous. While vaguely familiar, this environment is truly alien, and the deadly nature of the unknown is an ever-present threat.

You have been brought here to further the investigation and retrieval of materials associated with the Lee Project, a possible guarantee of mankind’s future survival. Your continued survival is also jeopardized by the London of the future.  This once-proud city has become a giant death-trap.
Nuff said, yeah? Sorted mate.

This adventure is the 6th in the 2017 Blasted Earth series. These twelve adventures allow the player characters to explore the apocalyptic world. The ultimate quest is to get into space and begin exploring what is left of mankind’s civilization in the sol system. Eventually, mankind will once again get to the stars to see what the aliens did to their worlds 314 years ago.