Ruins of Tokyo

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Written by Steve Winter

Doom in the Ruins of Tokyo - A Blasted Earth LDP Quest

Pre-invasion Tokyo was a marvel of towering skyscrapers but now... What remains of Japan on the Blasted Earth is a nightmarish place overrun with mutants and monstrosities.  Volcanoes are always erupting somewhere on or around the islands.  Sunlight can barely penetrate the thick blanket of soot and ash drifting overhead. Illumination at noon is like sunset anywhere else and the nights are as black as ink.  You and your companions must brave a nightmarish Tokyo Ruins among the volcanic wastelands of Japan to find information on the Armor Project of the LDP.

Let the Adventure Begin...

This adventure is the 8th in the 2017 Blasted Earth series. These twelve adventures allow the player characters to explore the apocalyptic world. The ultimate quest is to get into space and begin exploring what is left of mankind’s civilization in the solar system of Terra. Eventually, mankind will once again get to the stars to see what the aliens did to his worlds 314 years ago.

Cover Art by Richard Johnson and Chet Minton
Cartographer: Steve Winter
Contributing Artists: Jay Defoy, Don Higgins, Chet Minton, David Newbold, Dave Peterson, Artem Shukayev