The Perilous Quest

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Written by James M. Ward

A Camelot Adventure in the Lunar Resorts

Perilous Quest of Camelot

Castle Camelot was filled with people from all over the kingdom. This was the time of the festival of the Perilous Quest. If the quest occurred before midnight that night, all of the attendees were considered lucky for the entire year. There hadn’t been a Perilous Quest for over a decade.

The Queen stopped in mid order when there was a stir at the main entrance to the King Arthur’s Hall. The Majordomo rapped his staff on the floor for attention. The time was 11:48 by Merlin’s water clock. “The Lady Audrey comes to the presence of the King with a plea!”

A thin, young woman in a ripped dress struggled into the hall. She looked stunned as a great sigh of relief filled the hall. Here was the chance for a Perilous Quest.

In this adventure the honor of Camelot and the lengths knights go to finish a quest are the key elements. As fierce fighters, the knights of Camelot of the Table Round can battle with the best of the foes in the lands surrounding Camelot. King Arthur and his Queen help to organize this quest. They give the newly made knights all sorts of useful items.

This adventure is designed to be played with the Basic Rules Set and deals with the surface of the Blasted Earth. It is suitable for 3-8 characters of all types.  The Game Master should know the rules and Ward card system before he exposes his players to this adventure. This adventure is designed for use with the Ward Card system for generation of random numbers and game play mood. The card system is used for all aspects of the game from skill checks, combat, to other status needs during the game.