Color Me Free

Artist Darlene
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Like "COLOR ME POWERFUL", which was introduced last year, this new 2019 "COLOR ME FREE" celebrates maidens (girls and women) who have been on a journey of self-discovery. Although the process is ongoing, we are finally poised to accept the totality of ourselves. Not only are we competent, beautiful, and awesome in many ways, we also get to define who we are. 

As we say goodbye to old versions of ourselves, we itch to make up for lost time. As empowered females, we are going places, and some of us are moving very fast. The "COLOR ME FREE" Coloring Book celebrates our unique tastes and the unique ways we express ourselves as we expand into our power. 


Whether or not you choose to do the Mindful Coloring Technique, you are interacting with beauty. It’s a metaphor. Through the act of coloring, you are consciously adding color to the beauty within yourself. You are becoming reacquainted with the joy of your hidden potential—as a confident, competent, desirable, beautiful maiden, who is capable of so many hidden miracles.