Ash House

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Ash House

Concord Adventure Series
A Mystery adventure for the DragonScales FRPG

by Valerie Emerson

In Ash House, the party is called upon to investigate an abandoned mansion of Concord, rumored to be cursed by the gods. While the manse has always been the subject of strange rumors, people have gone missing within its walls, only to return as undead creatures with an unholy hunger. The party is asked to go into the house and investigate, and save Concord from being overrun by a plague of undead.

Dragonscales is a fantasy campaign realm filled with the normal wizards, vampires, dark creatures, and deadly encounters. In this realm dragons rule the night skies and terrify the populaces of every land. Only the heroes (player characters) are bold enough to face these dragons; fight them; and take their magical scales to use in further quests.

Dragonscales is a new Fantasy Roleplaying game from James M. Ward and Stephen A. Lee