CS Bonnie Brown

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Written by Craig J. Brain

An Adventure for Metamorphosis Alpha 4E

Soft Cover - 64 pages


The CS Bonnie Brown expands upon the range of adventures available, providing a new (well, older, actually) ship to explore, additional enemies and possible allies and any number of additional adventure plots for the Game Master. The Warden, the asteroid and Bonnie Brown are all possible adventure locations for plots used within this book. The Game Master should not be afraid to make the players return to the Warden or the asteroid, if the plot of an adventure requires it.


For use with the MA4e rules book this addition includes:

•  floor plans and descriptions of the Bonnie Brown ship levels
•  create characters that are not suffering from memory loss
•  adds a variety of professions and backgrounds.
•  includes rules for creating those skills that characters previously possessed.
•  guidelines for detailing and developing encounters
•  a list of possible missions for characters to be assigned


Bryant could see the tracks from the other team's rover. They were still quite distinct in the soft soil, and he figured that the rover had been through only a couple of days prior to his arrival. As he surveyed the terrain to his front through a set of binoculars, Bryant heard a "hssst" and a deep metallic clang, just before one of the others,  Taylor exclaimed "Ahhhh! Crap!!!" Taylor stood at the elevator control panel punching buttons without effect, but the elevator door had closed.

Taylor swore, as Bryant approached. 'It's old tech Taylor, what's the problem?" he asked. “This piece of antique scrap metal just powered down, I can't override it. We are stuck here until we find another way out or somebody else comes in." Taylor kicked the wall under the panel in obvious frustration. "Great, no way back ...”