Encounter Encyclopedia - Blasted Earth Edition

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The Blasted Earth Edition

188 pages of Mutants, Monstrosities, Aliens, and NPC's

This tome represents the collective works of three decades of game design, storytelling, and unique adventures designed and ran across this time using a hand-full of RPG games. Entries into this encyclopedia come from a dozen or so creative individuals who crafted the creatures and characters in their short stories or created memorable encounters in adventures.

Why an Encounter Encyclopedia? An excellent question. The quick answer is that not everything we encounter is a ‘monster’ nor are they necessarily a friend. Certainly, many are, as you will see in these pages; however, the world that you create should be filled with life. The good, the bad, the indifferent, and most important the beautiful, the exotic, and the mythical. It simply makes the game more exciting and fills those dull journey’s from the Town to the gateway of an adventure with interesting moments. This collection presents more than 180 encounters for use in your campaign world. We are adding to this encyclopedia weekly and will offer it as an online resource in the near future.