Palace of the Pharoah

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Written by James M. Ward

An Adventure in the Egyptian Dome
Part One of the Quest for the Pharaoh’s Helm

ET1: Palace of the Pharaoh

The player characters start as basic characters at the first level. They are traveling from their home village to the city of Thebes. Through the hand of fate, the player characters save the Pharaoh of Thebes from being eaten by lions. To reward the characters the Pharaoh makes them part of his personal guard. The player characters must get familiar with the palace and each of its rooms as they do guard duty and obey the orders of the Pharaoh who is clearly mad.

Through the course of several orders from the Pharaoh the characters learn that the servants and guards of the palace also think the Pharaoh is crazy and dangerous. Since he is the living god, there is nothing anyone can do about replacing him unless the Pharaoh’s Helm is located. There are rumors all over Thebes about how to find the helm. Remembering that this is a desert dome, the oddest rumor is that the helm is found in a valley of ice and snow.

The Pharaoh begins sending the characters on more and more dangerous missions. The rumors are collecting telling the characters that in the middle of the desert is a deep valley. In the valley is a pyramid guarded by powerful creatures and controlled by a dead Pharaoh who lost his wife and went insane. They will have to find their way to this Valley of the Dead to find the lost pyramid.

This adventure is made for use with the Lost 77 Worlds RPG and Lunar Resort Campaign Setting. The Game Master should know the rules and understand the Ward card system before he exposes his players to this adventure.

The 1st adventure in the Egyptian Tomb Adventure Series