Return to the Forgotten Dungeon

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Return to the Forgotten Dungeon

Written by Eddie Jonas

An Adventure for AD&D, D&D 5e, Dragonscales & the Lost 77 Worlds
This gaming module is set up to work for an 11th level Fantasy gaming party.

An Adventure in the Geneva Cavern

New mission. New monsters.
New dungeon levels and a wizard’s tower.

This adventure is made for characters of strength. All those tales of woe at the hands of The Forgotten Dungeon. A worthy party returns to rehash memories and walk the hallways of a familiar old dungeon they helped clear out. Only, the dungeon is alive… again.

There is danger. There’s a bar. Come have a drink. There’s a stage. Come watch a play. There’s a jail. Watch your step. There’s a torture chamber. Uh oh. There’s a wizard’s tower. Double uh oh. There’s danger…a plenty.

Are you sure you’re ready?