Birthdays and Tommy Guns

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Written by James M. Ward

An Old Chicago Adventure Series

Birthdays  and  Tommy Guns

Twin brothers and their twin sisters were farm raised to the northwest of Chicago in the rural area of Brochais. All of them had the Mentalist abilities which made them very famous in their rural area. When Danny and David turned 21 they decided to go to Chicago and make their fortunes. Their twin sisters, the eighteen year old Dorthy and Diane decided to go with them and there wasn’t a thing their worried parents could say to convince them this was a foolish idea.

On April 1st, the four of then drove off in a junkyard restored sedan. They talked about Chicago and what they should try there. “Uncle Sammy has a gang controlling State Street and Wabash Avenue,” Dorthy said. “Maybe we should go ask him for work.”


Lunar Dome
Roaring 20’s Chicago

History has always taken an interesting view of the Roaring 20’s of old Chicago. Mobsters are often painted in light and dark shades of grey. In the Lunar resort dome, you will find gangsters of dubious character in the roles of both good and bad.

You will be playing characters growing up in the Roaring 20’s dome. Chicago hosts hundreds of gangs. These gangs control three or four streets and battle other gangs for more territory. Most weapons use rubber bullets to subdue characters. The police and FBI are mostly inhabited by androids there to help humans have fun.



Old Chicago is a rich environment for your adventures. Here you can find everything from little gray aliens to werewolves and nearly everything in between. The speakeasy serves as the “local inn” in fantasy games where your players will get tips and pick up interesting rumors. This adventure helps set the stage more directly by sending you to “Uncle Sammy” which propels you directly into the Quest for Birthdays and Tommy Guns.