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The Great Give Away

4 years 6 months ago #106

We have 48 copies of the 2014 Edition Core Rules book (AS1). I am giving away a copy to anyone who wants one and buys any of the three Anthologies we have out. The new new Anthologies will be in the store tomorrow. If you buy one and want a copy of the AS1 2014 core rules which shipped with the basic boxed set. Send us an email after placing your order.

I am shipping a few of these books to Inner City Games where you can find the Anthologies at Game Hole Con next week and pick up your free copy along with one of the Anthologies.

The only difference between the 2014 and 2016 version are minor changes in three tables and an small expansion of the weapons table. These will be in the 2016 expansion PDF which you can download for free from 77worlds.com . The one other change is a slight format change and many of the illustrations in the 2016 version are in color while the 2014 version is B&W.

So I said all that so you would understand the 2014 book is still very useful as a secondary rule book your players can use as a reference as the rules remain the same other than errata corrections.

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