March 19, 2024

I was sad to hear my friend, James M. Ward, passed beyond yesterday. Jim was a very upbeat kind of guy and a good man. He will be missed. Fairwell my friend. It was a true pleasure developing games together over the years, running games at the conventions, and engaging in fun discussions of the early days I am happy we met at Gary Gygax's home during his gaming Thursdays so many years ago.

In memory of James M. Ward, We made all his games a Free PDF download this past week. The free download week has ended. We have seen over 870 downloads this week and I hope as many games will be played over the weekend and through the next few months. Enjoy the content, the remaining projects Jim had completed or contributed to will be published over the next 8 months.

Stephen A. Lee


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Beyond the City of Concord, the land is filled with abandoned castles, ruins, small villages, mines, dragon warrens, enclaves of dwarf's, a few tribes of elves and scattered small human kingdoms. The dragon wars have brought all to the brink of destruction thus the neutral grounds that are the City of Concord where factions can meet and discuss accords and perhaps peace in a relatively safe place.

James M. Ward and Stephen A. Lee present a new Fantasy RPG. Dragonscales FRPG is a ward card system, WCS, based game set in the Chromatic Kingdoms and the core book contains six new character types, a new spell system, new spells, Deities of the Chromatic Kingdoms, Magical and Mythical Encounters, Equipment, Powers, and WCS combat system. Everything you need to run a game or a campaign is included in the core book. Adventure begins in the City of Concord which sits astride the great rift canyon.

The core book details six Character Types you can play:

  • Fang Warrior make magical weapons from their Dragonscales. They are talented blacksmiths and can make special weapons.
  • Dragon Eye Mage make spells out of their Dragonscales. They can cast a number of spells and make potions of all sorts.
  • Forest Caretakers use DragonScales to summon creatures of the forest. They always have a group of tamed wild creatures.
  • Templar Warriors use DragonScales to make holy weapons and cast holy effects to fight undead and the most evil of dragons.
  • Fortune-Hunters have vast skills in opening locked things, in climbing into difficult areas, and in sensing trouble in warrens and caves.
  • Speakers of the Air use DragonScales and the gifts of the gods to create special artifacts that are unusually effective in combat.

The character gains new powers, abilities, and hit points as they complete more quest. Higher Rank is achieved by completing a number of quest to reach the new rank which then allows you to draw more cards for each action. Thus your probability of success is greatly increased with each new Rank.

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Earth Prime is the ultimate apocalyptic planet with mutants and strange new civilizations. The ruins of ancient cities lay quiet and deadly. That which survives on the planet avoids the ancient ruins for fear of artificial human and alien entities. Today the planet has exotic mutants both fauna and flora as a result of ancient bio-genetic weapons, plagues, and alien biological life designed to xenoform the planet.

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Before the Apocalypse, Luna was a tourist area. An exotic resort destination for people from all the colony worlds. Three huge domes were vacationing spots for people wanting to enjoy the cultures of Ancient Egypt, King Arthur’s Camelot, and Chicago of the Roaring Twenties with several others nearing completion.

300 years later, characters begin their adventures on the moon.

On Luna, the old base was laid waste. However, the resort and most other installations were left mostly intact and the A.I.'s who maintain the facilities along with the guests and a few “new” life forms survive. The vacationers in the various theme park domes continue to live and thrive in the environments. As the vacations were total immersive experiences, little knowledge was passed down through the generations so most remain oblivious to the outside world and the nature of reality beyond the domes.

But some are becoming aware.... 

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AS4 Apocalyptic Mars will detail Mars, add rules for Cyborgs and guidelines for players to run Android and Robot character types as well as a rule system for building custom android, Robots, and Cyborgs. More will be posted soon.


Jupiter Shipyards


AS5 The Jupiter Shipyards will detail different types of star ships, mining installations, ship combat, and much more dealing with all types of space installations and travel around Sol System and to the Colony Worlds. More will be posted soon.

Wards Darkstar


 CW01 Ward's Darkstar - This book will detail the first colony world survivors from Sol System are likely to make it to. This science fiction setting is unlike anything published before and the characters will have a lot to unravel when they face the situation in this star system. More will be posted soon.



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