The Cross Worlds project

This project is working to create a character generator and converter to translate character stats between several different game systems. One aspect of this project is also creating new adventure modules for use with a handful of game systems. 


NEWS: (April 2021) The CrossWorlds logo program publishes adventures and supplements that support FSC WCS based games as well as OD&D, AD&D, GW, BH, 1e, 2e, 5e, and other game systems. All products contain stats for use with The Lost 77 Worlds (SciFi), Dragonscales (Fantasy), Western Frontier (Western Apocalypse), and Age of Invention (AoI is a steampunk/1890's based game system using the WCS or PDS system).

The first module is the Forgotten Dungeon by Eddie Jonas. The Forgotten Dungeon (TFD) mega module along with the entire Geneva Cavern Product line are now available in the store CLICK HERE for physical books. The Monster Folio contains 1e, 5e, and WCS stats for use with Dragonscales and other WCS based game systems.

Geneva Caverns CLICK HERE for PDF's of the Geneva Caverns Adventures by Eddie Jonas.


TBA - CrossWorlds App

Create Fantasy and Science Fiction Miniatures in 3D and add them to your RPG Character sheets or select from our stock 2d illustrations and 3d models. Print a mini-poster, download a PDF, download a 3D printable model, print a physical 3d miniature/figurine and have it mailed to you.

Generate Encounter for D20 (OD&D), 77 Worlds, and many other game systems. Create your own stats, commission 3d equipment for armor, weapons, clothing, and any other item your character might be wearing or have with them.

Access your character sheet on nearly any device and update statistics during game play or print a copy with your illustration or model in the character sketch area of the character sheet you select. Upload your own art, character sheet, or design new ones with out custom layout tool.

Enjoy creating monsters and other encounters then 3D print miniatures on your own 3D printer or on ours. View and print your models at any angle and with the options you selected during the build. You can even add a companion and other personalization items. A standard, flag, insignia on your armor, backgrounds, or print group illustrations of all the characters in your current campaign.

Future expansions will include Encounter encyclopedia's of creatures and NPC's to select from for game masters to quickly detail encounters in the adventure.

Game Masters can setup campaign groups and allow players to associate their characters to the campaign so you can see those characters in game. In 77 worlds you can initial shuffle for the player decks where digital card decks are in use or allow players to use the dice caster to roll virtually where you can see the results.

 Coming in 2022.....

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