Welcome to the Lost 77 Worlds RPG

    From the creator of the first Science fiction RPG (Metamorphosis Alpha) and the first Post Apocalyptic RPG (Gamma World) comes the latest in an Apocalyptic Future.

    This source book expands the basic rules and introduces Advanced Technology, Future Societies, Alien Equipment, and a campaign setting on a future Blasted Earth. Here, as you will discover when going down to the planet, Humanity is a stranger and the ancient home of man is barely recognizable.

    Earth Prime is the ultimate apocalyptic world teaming with genetically altered and mutated fauna and flora and civilizations of its own.  Major cities lay quiet as that which survives on the planet avoids the ancient ruins for fear of artificial human and alien entities. The planet is about half the size of Ward's Dark Star. Today, not unlike Andromedae, the planet has exotic bio-mutants both fauna and flora as a result of ancient genetic enhancements, bio-genetic retro viruses, plagues, and alien biological weapons.

    As you descend from near earth orbit, you can clearly see a terrible band of volcanic mountains encircling the Earth, a huge forest at the south pole, and unearthly mountains circle the north pole region. This source book will guide you in establishing a post apocalyptic campaign where your players can discover the secrets of the ancients and the entities who attacked humanity more than 300 years ago.

    A brief history, three hundred years ago vast alien armadas attacked all of the 77 worlds settled by mankind. The powerful defenses of mankind were blasted and each planet was destroyed from space. The deadly alien attack on the solar systems was stopped by unknown forces. Special battle cruisers controlled by Artificial Intelligences retreated from all of those worlds and came back to lead a last defense of Earth. They came too late to the solar system and found Earth Prime in ruins.

    Today the features of Earth Prime have changed.  While anomalous regions exist, the planet is basically divided into three major sections: a desert wast land, a lush thick forest/jungle environment, and a hellish volcanic region.


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