Fireside Creations (FSC) specializes in Classic and Bleeding Edge Sci-Fi and Fantasy Role Playing Games, RPG Adventure Modules, Board Games, and Campaign Settings.

We work with a range of games from board games to role playing games as well as family games and card games for the beginner to the strategic master.


The Lost 77 Worldsis set in a time after Humanity has spread to the stars and 77 colony worlds have been established in "Human Space"....

77 Worlds is an Alien Apocalypse Campaign Setting and Science Fiction RPG
Designed by James M Ward with Stephen A Lee



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Crossworlds Character Creator and 3d Modeler

AS3 Earth Prime: The Blasted Earth a 77 Worlds RPG Hardback

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Cross Worlds FRPG campaign settting

Apocalyptic Space: Colonization SF RPG
Adventure Excursions for all FRPG's
Stellar Space: Wargame
Quantum Wars: Card Game
Lost Empire Board Game
Empire of the Apocalypse
Kings and Kingdoms FRPG
Ravin Rock FRPG campaign world
Age of Invention: 18th Century Sci-Fantasy RPG


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