March 19, 2024

I was sad to hear my friend, James M. Ward, passed beyond yesterday. Jim was a very upbeat kind of guy and a good man. He will be missed. Fairwell my friend. It was a true pleasure developing games together over the years, running games at the conventions, and engaging in fun discussions of the early days I am happy we met at Gary Gygax's home during his gaming Thursdays so many years ago.

In memory of James M. Ward, We made all his games a Free PDF download this past week. The free download week has ended. We have seen over 870 downloads this week and I hope as many games will be played over the weekend and through the next few months. Enjoy the content, the remaining projects Jim had completed or contributed to will be published over the next 8 months.

Stephen A. Lee


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News from the Apocalyptic Future - March 2024

  1. James completed five projects before he passed and we will release all of them before the end of this year including those listed below:
  2. 77 Worlds Source Book, The Jovian Systems (The Jupiter Shipyards) is slated for release Q3 2024.
  3. 77 Worlds Source Book, Apocalyptic Mars is slated for release Q3 2024.
  4. DragonScales RPG 2024 revision is nearing release. These expanded rules include new Species, Character Types and a rework of the abilities gain as quest are completed for all character types.
  5. DragonScales RPG Spell Book game supplement is currently in development to vastly expand Spells, Magic Items, Holy Powers, and Holy items for the faithful. Thanks to the contributions from Richard Blackburn, Greg Barry, and others.
  6. Saddles & Sixguns RPG is now in development by Andrew Reynolds and will be released to everyone this spring.
  7. PDF's are now generally available (FREE) to everyone who has purchased a physical product. Register your product by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to gain access to the PDF for free.

    Thank you for your support over the last 11 years! I hope you all have a happy 2024. Development is back in full swing and we have several major releases slated for this year. Stay Free.

 Media Links

  1. Q&A with Stephen A Lee and James M Ward discussing Dragonscales.

Special Products

  1. The CS Bonnie Brown for Metamorphosis Alpha is now available in print and as a PDF.
  2. The Adventurers’ Practical Guide to Alchemy and Herbalism™ by Moses Wildermuth is now available.


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