The Adventurers' Guide to the Practical Application of

Herbalism  &  Alchemy

A Supplement for FG&G

2015 Edition
Author: Moses Wildermuth

The information presented in this book is based upon and expands that found in the “For Gold & Glory™” . This information provides the Players more flexibility to develop their characters and allows Game Masters to add more depth and color to their campaign.

“The Adventurers’ Practical Guide to Alchemy and Herbalism™” is an attempt to infuse a campaign with a culturally based system to understand, harness and exploit the natural world before the rise of the modern scientific age. The historical cut off for research is approximately the 16th Century in real world terms.

“The Adventurers’ Practical Guide to Alchemy and Herbalism™” was produced specifically to supplement the “For Gold & Glory™” game system but is OSR compatible and can be used in a range of games that draw on the legacy of the world famous role-playing game that was first released over forty years ago.

98 Pages

Available in both Print as well as PDF download.

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