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Garycon Events - Join the fun in the Lost 77 Worlds

4 years 3 months ago #115

Gary Con IX

Gary Con is March 23 to 26 in 2017. the Geneva Ridge Resort in Lake Geneva is already taking reservations for 2017. Last year we had three games of 77 Worlds. The first was an adventure to the blasted earth run by James M. Ward. The second was a female only adventure in the roaring 20's dome run by James M. Ward. The third was an adventure out of Arrowshire in the Arthurian dome run by Stephen A. Lee on Saturday evening as a pick-up game. We hope to see you at the convention in 2017. FSC will be attending this year. It will be our first convention appearance. Come see us in booth 144 right next to Effin Cool Mini's.

Saturday 8am Event #418 77 Worlds Game - Panic at Pueblo Perdido EG1-205

Sheriff McBride had seen a lot, and now, had to deal with more. For one, Samuel Cobra was back in town. That slithering gambler was as venomous as his namesake, with a draw that was rattler fast. He had seen him out of Pueblo Perdido before, but he was back, with a posse of pistoleros for company. And then there was that matter out at the Salazar Ranch. Hector Salazar could fly into megalomaniacal fits, sometimes his very employees required the Sheriff's protection, but this latest was just as odd as a antlered jackrabbit. A score of his cattle had turned up mutilated, in a manner Dr. Argos described as "a fair bit beyond peculiar". McBride knew he have to assemble a posse and ride out. It'd have to be a group with unique talents, and he knew the very folks. This adventure utilizes the Basic Core Rules of "The 77 Lost Worlds" by Stephen A. Lee & James M. Ward. Featured is the Ward Card System (WCS) for generation of random numbers in place of Polyhedron Dice. WCS is used for game status, skill checks, combat, and other aspects of the game.

Friday 8am Event #416 77 Worlds Game - The Gorge of Discovery EG1-205

Oog shuffled to the cave mouth and surveyed the gorge, his home, as the sun rose into a magenta and pink hued sky. Life was as perilous as it was bountiful in the gorge. From the far end of the valley with its foreboding marshes and fern forests, to the caves that ringed the domain, to the the uplands where his people made their home, peril lurked with snapping jaws, whether furred or scale armored. But these days had been marked with a new danger. The mother mountain bled larger rivers of her fiery blood, more than she ever had in memory, and a strange, black furred creature had been spotted watching Oog's clan. He had seen it, and reached out to it, silently, with his mind. And it spoke to his spirit - "I am watching you." "I need your help." And then it bounded away. It was time to crawl deep into the Cave of Memory. He and his closest friends would. They would take part in the ancient ceremony and ask their ancestors for guidance. They would know what to do.

Saturday 2pm Event #8 77 Worlds Game with James M. Ward - Defend the village EG1-207

Your village on the blasted Earth is being invaded by giant rats! Your task is to find the reason why. Bring a list of ten things a Middle Ages person would find useful on a dangerous hunt. Let’s have some fun!

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