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CrossWorlds Character Generator

6 years 3 months ago #6

The Cross Worlds Character generator project is coming along. We should have a demo in the next two months. The system will work as a character creator for AD&D/D20/OGL and for 77 Worlds. Using multiple methods to create a character for both systems. Later the System will support other RPG games and other versions of AD&D (OSR) and D&D version 5.

Crossworlds Character Creastor (C3) not only allows you to roll up your character it also allows you to create 2d images and 3d models of your character. These can be added to the illustration section on a number of different character sheets. The 3d model can also be send off to a 3d printer to create a miniature of your character for game play.

The goal of the project is to allow cloud based access to your characters during game play for both yourself and your game master. Tools for play such as virtual card decks with draw and discard as well as dice boxes for rolling in-game for AD&D will be added.

The system will at some point allow you to design your own character sheets, add new methods for character creation in your campaign, and even add support for new RPG games yourself. Players can associate their characters with campaigns to give DM's access to their characters in system.

New character types, armor, weapons, clothing, and equipment can be purchased and given to players in your campaign world or individually used on your own characters. All the assets in the 3d modeler can be used to create your avatar and the option to print Miniatures on demand for both characters and supported encounters provides an economical way to customize your table top game.

Which game systems do you play often? which do you use miniatures in? D&D, Traveller, Silent Death, Metal Express, Gama world? What features in a perfect world would you like to see in the C3 App?

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6 years 3 months ago #9

David Little suggested Gamma World (all editions), Metamorphosis Alpha 1e, WEG Star Wars. We will be adding goals in the Kick starter for other games and certainly there will be Sci-Fi and PA SF, in the mix. If you have other games you would like to see supported please suggest them. :)

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