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Hi Stephen,

I've been using another online 3d service to model characters for a book that I am working on. I discovered that on that service, I needed to use a lot of different genres equipment to achieve the effect I was going for. So to create an alien warrior, I'd need to access the fantasy range to grab a suitable knife or leather jacket from the modern era to use in a sci-fi character picture.

What genres will this system have, and will it be possible to request additional items?



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6 years 4 months ago #148

We started with some typical Fantasy and Science Fiction garb. Request are always welcome. I plan to add new sets of armor, clothing, and weapons from time to time. We can also commission pay per use items for unique things. Right now we are focused on the conversion charts between several RPG systems and finishing up the card management system. Then we will try to bring the beta online. After that, we will start taking polls on what new garb or weapons or whatever people want to see in the app.

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