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What is the intent of the card adventures format?

7 years 9 months ago #29

I really like the mini-adventrues you guys did and the price is certainly right ;)

I was a bit surprised by the actual layout and trying to figure out its intended use. When I read about these, before actually looking at them, I pictured a quicky adventure that would double as a DM screen. I thought that was a cool idea. As they are set up, they can't quite be used that way, the maps would face out.

So what is the intent of the form factor? If it really is so that they could double as a DM acreen, you might consider making them a tri-fold with the map on the inside. I would probably buy them in that form. I used to use the old TSR AD&D module covers that way.

This was not intended as a slight. I really do like the adventures a lot and the fact that you are giving them away is awsome. I'm just curious if I missed something.


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7 years 8 months ago #41

The card adventures were intended as quick drop in's for adventures. Like you I also used game modules as screens and I think you have a great suggestion. We will update the card adventures so player info or graphics are on the outside and game master details are only on the inside. While we do have a nice game screen, I like this suggestion so look for the update in a few weeks.

Stephen A. Lee

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