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Number of attacks for ranged weapons

8 years 7 months ago #34

At one point in the rulebook is says that some ranged weapons like the bow and Tommie gun have multiple attacks per round. In the example is shows bows with 2 shots. I don't see the actual shot as per round listed anywhere. Did I miss it? What are the intended attacks per round for the weapons?

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8 years 6 months ago #39

Great question. The bow is intended to fire up to three times. This is based on the number of cards a character is able to draw. For example if your at a rank where you can only draw two cards then the most arrows you will be able to fire is two per round. We did a write up on this minor update in the basic rules and it should be posted in the game rules area. I will get the information together and put it in the free PDF downloads section with a nice example of play in the next day or so. In summary, unlike other RPG's the rate of fire is based on the characters level (implied skill with the bow) and multiple attacks are available for each attack card your allowed to draw at that rank up to a maximum of three.

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8 years 4 months ago #50

You are correct the basic rule book did not directly address the number of shots per round. The intent was the limit the shorts to the number of shots to 1 per second (a max of three per round).

pg 19, shows that one additional card can be drawn per additional shot. So here, with the basic rules, if your character can draw two cards you draw two for your first shot then one additional card per shot.

In our game I allow an optional rule that allows the player to specify that each card draw in order will apply to each shot so a character that can draw three cards simply draws three and each card in order is applied to each shot. The targets of the shorts can be called or assumed to be a single target.

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8 years 3 months ago #59

Greetings, We have a new chart for Number of shots for ranged weapons. This table is in the 2016 PDF updates for the WCS, Errata, and Character sheets which will be on the site on the April 9th 2016. In the mean time, here is what we are current play testing.
See attached PDF for a nicer Chart.
Multiple Attack Short Solid Strike Glancing Hit Shots
Weapons Range Damage Damage per Turn
Bow1 20 yd.3 7 2 4
Hue Bow 30 yd.3 9 3 3
Crossbow1 40 yd.3 12 3 1
Longbow1 40 yd.3 11 5 2
.35 Police Revolver 40 yd.3 13 8 3
.45 Pistol 50 yd.3 20 12 3
Tommy Gun5 30 yd.3 30 15 5
Shot Gun 30 yd.3 21 12 2

Note: The first shot is normal. Each additional shot the player draws one extra card per shot. A Spade will result in additional shots being lost. Ie: String break, Jam, etc.


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