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New FREE PDF downloads will be up 4/9/2016

5 years 1 month ago #58

Good Afternoon my friends. As I going through a final review of the updated PDFs for the website I discovered some play tester books were mixed in with the boxed sets sold in late 2014 and maybe early 2015. If your book says Basic Set Core Rules at the bottom of the cover rather than the top AND the credit page is dated 26 August 2014 then you really need the PDF files being posted tomorrow. Even the 2014 PDFs on the site are corrections for that book.

So whats changed? The character sheet for one is vastly different in the 2014 PDF's and even better (I think) in the 2016 PDF's. These are free on the website. First the current book is 49 pages plus character sheet and two pregen characters while the older book was 39 pages plus a character sheet. The older boot with the Ward Card System PDF and Errata PDF will be mostly the same as the newer book.

From the old book to the new book we change some terminology. "Strike+Bonus" became Heart Damage as that is what you needed to draw for maximum damage and a change to damage the armor of your target. The "Bonus Only" term was changed to Diamond Damage. Defense was replaced with Armor and Shield values. Your Defense value is Armor plus shield(s).

Creation cards an be any four cards as long as you meet the minimum for the character type. This has not changed but the older character sheet Implyed you needed a card of each suite which is not true. "Hit Points" and Health are the same thing and often referred to as HP. Character Rank is unchanged except Patron can draw 7 cards and the table is now names Advancement Table.

Other than that, art is improved, layout is better, and the character creation table is no longer missing the spades colume. You can see the updates in the Errata and WCS PDF's.

In summary, if you have the older book grabs the new character sheet, pregens, WCS PDF, and errata PDF this weekend and review them. I think you will enjoy the game MUCH better with the new character sheets and rules clarifications.

For those with the 2014 editions, the 2016 Character sheet is better organized Now the front side contains items you will need while adventuring and the back side contain the data you will need during combat. As always your welcome to share your own designs in the forums at 77worlds.com

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5 years 1 month ago #67

The new FREE PDF's which bring you updated Character Sheets, Pre Generated character types updated and in the new format, Expanded details on the Ward Card System (WCS), and Rule Clarification in the Eratta file which also includes the new Character Type Chart for easy reference are now online. http://firesidecreations.com/games-m1/77worlds/character

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