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4 years 11 months ago #72

Type: Mutant
Creation Cards: A♠ A♠ A♣ A♦
Location: Earth Prime
Hit Points: 16 to 28 (Draw Plus 14)
Rank: 3
Silhouette: Vector's appear similar to human mentalist. Somewhat muscular and lean typically with short black hair and dark brown predator eyes.
Attitude: Helpful until discovered or opportunity to take an injured team member then very aggressive.
Attacks: Blaster Ring (♥20/♦10),Club (♥10/♦5)
Defense: None
Specials: None
Shorthand: Vector's: A♠ A♠ A♣ A♦; Hits 16, Rank 3, Blaster Ring (♥20/♦10),Club (♥10/♦5), Def 2
Back Ground: A human who has contracted an alien virus and become something new neither Human nor Alien and has gone insane. Found on most Colony worlds where life exist. Some vectors crave the RNA in Human and/or alien flesh, some prefer brain matter, others prefer blood as its not truly cannibalistic. Human Vectors emerged when humans, perhaps after an injury accidentally or in stupidity ingested an Extreme AC Serum after an injury. This resulted in an Alien virus raging through their system. Vectors are neither human nor alien but a Vector, insane by human standards, who craves the RNA in Human and Alien flesh.

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4 years 11 months ago #73

Terkmen, Mutant
Type: Humanoid, Mutant (Enforcer)
Creation Cards: J J 9 8
Location: Earth Prime, Colony's
IQ: Near Human-like
Hit Points: 60 (or 7 draws)
Rank: 7
Silhouette: Terkmen are nasty beast that walk on two legs and have human like hands. They have the beak and feathers of a turkey and are very strong. Terkmen are typically henchmen of a more powerful creature or a local political leader. They wield a baton, spear, or capture crescent.
Attitude: Not particularly hostile to humans unless hunting them, Single Minded
Attacks: Bite 11/6, Baton 10/10, Spear 6/2 or Capture Crescent * 7
Defense: 6
Specials: Varies by flock (One random useful mutation for the group encountered)
Useful Treasure: Capture Crescent, rope, back packs or parachutes, silver coins
Shorthand: Terkmen, Mutant: J J 9 8; Hits 60, Rank 7,Bite 11/6,Capture Crescent 7, Def 6

Background: These mutants were created a hunters to track down prey in groups and bring them back alive. They track like a forester and have limited communication. Terkmen will follow their leader or the directives of an overseer which is typically a local gang or political leader.

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