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On my desk today is the CA2: Perilous Quest of Camelot. This is a fun adventure taking a group of Knights across the kingdom to complete a number of Perilous Quest for the King. In this adventure James write a great overview of the card system I wanted to share here.

77 Lost Worlds is rich in the possibilities for the players. Not only can they experience the fun of adventures in three different cultures, eventually they will be headed toward the blasted Earth Prime. It’s reasonable to think that they could experience years and years of real time fun exploring and trying to deal with the beings on that world. Not stopping there the exploration of the solar system and then the other 76 lost worlds fills up a lifetime of gaming.

The fun of this role-playing game is turning cards and reacting to how bad or good they are. Things become grim for the players when they draw high black cards. Situations are wonderful for them when they draw high level red cards.

In this adventure the honor of Camelot and the lengths knights go to finish a quest are the key elements. As fierce fighters, the knights of Camelot of the Table Round can battle with the best of the foes in the lands surrounding Camelot. King Arthur and his Queen help to organize this quest. They give the newly made knights all sorts of useful items.

In this game system it’s all about flipping the cards for everything. Each game morning the characters flip the cards to see how they are feeling as they get up. Red cards show they are in good shape and the higher the red card the more capable the character should be that day. Black cards show that the character feels achy and isn’t thinking as best as he should be. The higher the black card the worse shape he is in for that day.

As the Game Master it’s your job to explain to the players what their drawn cards mean. During the action of a story high red cards of any type signify great luck for the player. Their success is assured if red cards keep turning up. Drawn black cards are mood setters and life becomes hard for the player character as long as he is drawing black cards. The higher the red or black card the more intense his life situations becomes. When I talk about life situations, I’m referring to everything in the Camelot area. High red cards show the world as a bright rosy picture with the sun coming up on a cloudless day. With food tasting great and the actions of the characters always seeming to work out. High black cards can bring in snow storms or thunder storms. Those types of cards see equipment break and things happen to slow the characters down in his quest.

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