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The Roaring 20's Resort - Birthdays and Tommyguns

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On my desk today is OC1: Birthdays and Tommy guns. The Old Chicago resort dome (gangland) is a diverse place. While it is controlled by various competing mobs, they are not all human. Other aspects of this resort range from gas light adventures, to plagues, to Little Grey Aliens, to the Supernatural Wear wolfs, secrete subs, to rogue myths come to life, and more. One day, we will have to do a book dedicated to this vast park.

For now, here are a few of the game notes that may interest you for this adventure.

Game Designer Notes
Morning Wake Up Call Rule
At the beginning of every game day, each character draws a card. That card determines how they feel and how well their day goes. The higher the red card the better they do. If red face cards are drawn the characters is extremely lucky in all things they do for that day. If a black face card is drawn the character feels like the flu is coming on and they are extremely unlucky for the day.

On Being a Gangster
In the Chicago dome it is not evil to be a gangster. It’s supposed to be great good fun. Gangsters can steal things, but the society of the dome accepts such actions as normal. The gangs serve many beneficial purposes. They take care of the old. They maintain buildings and streets. When trouble of any type comes to the streets, the gang that owns those streets steps in to curb the danger.

Technology of the Dome
The look and feel of the dome displays the time of the roaring 20s. However, the cars and trucks are all electric and nonpolluting. The medical facilities and the doctors are all modern and healing is fast. Nanotechnology is used by the androids play acting as doctors.

Little Gray Gangsters
The little grays were the aliens that invaded this dome 300 years ago. Their technology was stripped from them by the nanobots of the dome. They quickly adopted to the conditions of the dome and took over part of the city of Chicago. They hide their differences in clothing and honestly try and fit into the system created for the tourists enjoyment.

The Birthday Party, Roaring ‘20s Style – Game Master Outline

Scene One – Sammy the Hammer has a daughter turning 18 on the weekend. While Sammy is a hard man and quick with a gun, he loves his family. He orders the player characters to acquire guns, steal from the bank to pay for the gin and cider, and steal two trucks to carry the barrels.

He tells them they will find the gin in the south side of Juliet and the cider at the Indian village to the north of Chicago. They have a four day deadline after which if they haven’t delivered they need to live somewhere else beside Chicago. The Game Master should keep strict track of ammunition in all of the guns. Sammy gives the group the Thumb’s Up gesture and tells them this is the gang sign and presenting it to store owners either gets you free things or you are told the shop isn’t part of the gang system and you must pay for the things in that store. Sammy says you should feel free to rob them if they don’t play ball as all business in Sammy’s territory must support the gang

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