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A Davinci-like surgical robot that is autonomous

5 years 6 months ago #142

I need a surgical robot stated. A Davinci surgical robot-like that has two arms with hands and eight surgical arms also.

Dave Johnson

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5 years 6 months ago #145

Dave and I did this one on the FB page. I will get the doc in our free PDF section.
The Med Bot, Surgical Robot

Defense: 7 (I would give it an 8 of each suite.)
Rank: 5
HP: 45
Special: Heal Draw(x2) on the first round (4-30hp, once per person per day), after that perhaps 1-4 per hour of care.
Attack: Pincer 6/4, Knife 6/3, Punch 10/3 (subdue damage), Medical Laser 4/2, Constriction 7/3 *with a high heart (♥) it can hold a character in place until released or rescued. The surgical med bot was built for emergency care in an ER environment. It will heal humans who do not attack it outright. Draw for disposition/reaction for non-humans.
Armor: exoskeleton1 Protection: 4, Action Penalty: –

Art by Dave Johnson, Stats by Stephen A. Lee.

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