Blood Red Castle

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CAS1 The Blood Red Castle of Doom

By James M. Ward

A Dragonscales Adventure

Castle Adventure Series
Middle Ranked Adventure

In the sky above Concord, a huge cloud with a red castle appears. Suddenly, strange purple dragons descend from the floating castle at lightning speed. Their talons reaching out to grab helpless watchers from the Bridge of the Gods. Screams of pain and horror can be heard throughout the city.

Something needs to be done!

A brave and powerful group of adventurers will need to enter the enchanted castle, battle evil undead creatures, and find the heart and power that fuels the evil within.

Dragonscales is a fantasy campaign realm filled with the normal wizards, vampires, dark creatures, and deadly encounters. In this realm dragons rule the night skies and terrify the populaces of every land. Only the heroes (player characters) are bold enough to face these dragons; fight them; and take their magical scales to use in further quests.

Dragonscales is a new Fantasy Roleplaying game from James M. Ward and Stephen A. Lee

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