Apocalyptic Space Anthology Volume 1

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 Earth is a wasteland of apocalyptic proportions. On Luna, thousand of humans survive in their gilded cages of 300 year old Resorts where they are completely immersed in a false reality. In Space, bits and peices of star ships from five star faring species orbit the earth in a ring of debris. What happened to their crews? How did they get to be here? What did they experience during and after the war now 300 years gone? Welcome to Apocalyptic Space. Herein are several short stories about the ships, the people, and the events before, during, and in the aftermath of the apocalypse in Sol System.

As writer's, we tell a story. Some stories are exciting others are funny. Some stories tell of a character facing horror or great sadness. Yet other stories tell of great adventure and endless potential for the future. Even from the dust of an apocalyptic aftermath there is room for endless great futures. If one can only rebuild enough to reach for them.

I find all of these stories inspiring, compelling, and entertaining. Yes, even the ones with sad endings. What grabs me the most are stories that make me laugh or cry or invoke deep thought on the subjects and choices the primary characters were compelled to deal with there in. I hope you find these stories worthy of consideration beyond the written word.

 Stephen A. Lee


Jupiter’s Dilemma              James M. Ward                                  1

The Outpost of Traitors     Craig Martelle                                  27

Home                              Scott Neil                                      49

Navigator                         Chris Williams                                  93
Eon and the M-TAC           Stephen A. Lee                            113
The Watchers                  Dr. Edward-Joseph Jonas Foree       137
The Last Days                  Moses Wildermuth                         161