Earth Prime Anthology Volume 2

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 Three hundred years ago, Earth Prime was reduced to ash by three powerful alien fleets and their allies. Mankind, for all practical purposes were eradicated. The Blasted Earth represents the ultimate apocalyptic planet. Ravaged by genetic retro-viruses of human and alien design, the world does not resemble anything like our memories of the ancient home of mankind. A giant volcanic ring now encircles the the Earth and mutant creatures thrive in the jungle areas, the desert sections, and the volcanic fire and ash lands. Here and there a handful of humans or aliens survive. Welcome to the Blasted Earth. Herein are several short stories about the places and the inhabitants of Earth Prime: The ultimate apocalyptic planet.

As writer's, we tell a story. Some stories are exciting others are funny. Some stories tell of a character facing horror or great sadness. Yet other stories tell of great adventure and endless potential for the future. Even from the dust of an apocalyptic aftermath there is room for endless great futures. If one can only rebuild enough to reach for them.

I find all of these stories inspiring, compelling, and entertaining. Yes, even the ones with sad endings. What grabs me the most are stories that make me laugh or cry or invoke deep thought on the subjects and choices the primary characters were compelled to deal with there in. I hope you find these stories worthy of consideration beyond the written word.

 Stephen A. Lee

 Volume 2

Stephen D. Sullivan      Haptor Hazard vs. the Queen of the Lava Men

Christopher Clark          The Rocket Job

James M. Ward              Play with the Jaguar, Earn its Claws

Stephen A. Lee             Roads Less Traveled (Winter Wolf Part 3)

Valerie Emerson             The Buried City

Steve Peek                    Hell on Earth