The Lost Pyramid

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Written by James M. Ward

An Adventure in the Egyptian Dome
Part Three of the Quest for the Pharaoh’s Helm

ET3: The Lost Pyramid

Tau-Eileen the Egyptian style hologram appears as a human Pharaoh as it faces the player characters for the first time at the entrance to the pyramid. It taunts them and warns them of terrible traps waiting for them down every corridor and chamber of the pyramid


Go away fools. This is the tomb of my darling queen. I have filled the pyramid with death traps. Enchanted guards fill the corridors stopping you from passing. You will never gain entrance here. Go away or this shall be your tomb as well!”


In the past, the lost valley presents the most dangerous of fun experiences for the Egyptian tourists. There are several moments where the tourists would actually think they were in danger as they explored the pyramid tomb in the middle of the valley. As the centuries went by, the different encounters became more and more difficult and more and more dangerous. The A.I. wanted to test the courage of any human who entered this area.


Now your party must face the deadly traps, Androids, and deadly encounters with new creatures as they delve into the heart of the Lost Pyramid. The dangers are now very real. If the characters are not smart enough they die. For those that make it to the secret treasure vault in the heart of the pyramid are given the final clue that could lead them to the King Arthur dome if they were interested in leaving and exploring other domes.


While the Pyramid can be explored by anyone it is intended for use with ET2 The Valley of the Lost Pyramid which describes the surrounding rift valley in which the Lost Pyramid sits. Et4 Caverns in the Valley of the Dead will expand the adventure below the Pyramid and through the caverns along the edge of this Valley of the Dead.

The third adventure in the Egyptian Tomb Adventure Series and the final part of the quest for the lost Pharaoh's Helm.