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5 -- 6.5 Luhman 16 1 Red Sun
Fort Hope Outpost
Size: 7,700 miles (4% smaller than Earth Prime)
Gravity: 1 g
Average Temperature at the Equator: 90 F
Global Terrain: Fort Hope had an unusual biosphere. All the planet's native life was very large in comparison to Earth Prime, and the flora and fauna there grew incredibly fast. Most of it was dangerous to humans. The planet was still being explored by humans at the time of the alien attack. The settlement was in a single, large dome that worked hard to keep the native plants from growing over it.
Last Known Information: The dome was a smoking mass of melted polymer when the S-ships left. The colony's network of mapping satellites was also destroyed.

Geography – Fort Hope is a world filled with exotic life forms. It’s Earth Prime size with a sprinkling of mountain ranges, lush continents, and large oceans.

History before the Fall – Before the fall the world was being explored. There was an outpost above the world, supporting ten shuttles used to go down to the planet. The aliens blew all of that apart in the invasion.

Current Planetary Status – The world has no trace of human life.

Important Creatures – On one continent there is a race of large intelligent vines that is slowing taking over the land mass. On another land mass, a stone age level of tree cats is growing a tribal civilization. There are two species of swimmers that are growing in the shoals of the world.

Important Ruins – There are enough bits and pieces of a spaceport to identify it as human. However, there are no working parts in that port.
Planetary Leaders – There are no leaders on this world. The intelligent trees are capable of organizing to confront explorers.

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