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1 – 3.3 Ward’s Dark Star 1 Burnt Black
Geography – The star is a burnt out ion husk; generating a huge gravity field. Out of range of that field is a single planet. Warden is double the size of Earth Prime, but because of its metal’s make up it has the same gravity as Earth Prime.
The planet’s features are unusually flat with only one mountain range at the South Pole. There are several, miles long pockets of ice dotting the surface. There is a warm core to the planet and under the surface there are large pockets of water.

History before the Fall – Discovered by accident as a spaceship ran afoul of the gravity well of the burnt star, the planet was instantly useful. Robotic units were used to build manufacturing complexes that made artificial intelligences When the aliens struck, the planet was defenseless. The ravening beams of the alien warships tore up everything. When they were done it looked like everything was in ruins. The aliens left confident that they had easily destroyed the world.

Current Planetary Status – 300 years later the world has been scanned several times by alien forces and each time they rediscovered a ruined world. Unknown to everyone there were a few artificial intelligence's left active in the ruins. Those intelligences programmed themselves to work on repairing the ruins so that observation from above could not tell that repairs were going on. Now there is a large underground complex of robots and A. I.s that are programmed to battle any ships landing on the planet. Those ships firing down on the world cannot harm the well built complexes under the surface. Unfortunately, for humans exploring the area, the world is hostile to them until they figure out the ancient programming systems all of the robots are given at their creation.

Important Creatures – Prime One is the controlling master intelligence. It is located at the bottom of the deepest part of the robotic complex. This character must be reprogrammed to change the ways of all of the intelligence's on the world.

Alpha One is the main combat robot, always appearing in the ruins and acting as the first guard to the underground world. It hates alien life, but has a hesitancy problem in shooting at pure humans.

Bomb Boxes are a foot cube floating in the ruins. It was originally designed to help clear rubble. Now it is a security unit that explodes at the sight of living organisms.

Important Ruins – There are four miles long and wide ruins on the world. Two are on opposite sides of the equator and referred to as East Metropolis and West Metropolis. The other two cities are called North Metropolis and South Metropolis. All of these cities fight forcefully to repeal explorers of any type. Under North Metropolis is the robotic conclave.

Planetary Leaders – Prime One is the leader of everything. Its great weakness is that the unit is connected to all active mechanicals all over the planet. It is subject to hacking attacks by clever characters.

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77 – Sol System – Earth Prime
Geography – Mankind had space stations and bubble domes on every planet and some of the large moons of the solar system. Earth Prime had used up most of its heavy metals and mined the asteroids and larger worlds for the much needed heavy metals of civilization.

History before the Fall – While mankind hadn’t fought any large battles in over 100 years, the paranoia of the race had them construct automated fortresses and heavily armed robotic S-ships. When the aliens attacked, they sent massive force against the terrain solar system and to begin with human forces were winning.

Current Planetary Status – The main effort of the aliens was against planet Earth. They succeeded in doing great damage to the planet. It would have been totally destroyed save for the fact that all of the S-ships of all the other 76 worlds came back to the solar system and attacked the alien battle fleets. Now after three hundred years, earth is healing and life again thrives on the planet.

Important Creatures – There are several races of robots and androids that have been allowed to go rogue on Earth Prime. They have their own agendas. There is a 500 mile strip of volcanic earth in a band north and south around the world. In that band are new large and aggressive creatures, each more dangerous than the other.

Important Ruins – Earth Prime is covered in ruins of many types. Great deals of these have been taken over by mutant races.

Planetary Leaders – There are at least fifteen groups of intelligent creatures. Ten of these groups are trying to rule over all of the rest.

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2 – 3.3 Earth 2 1 Yellow Sun
Geography – Called Earth 2 from the beginning of its discovery, the planet was much like Earth Prime. 2/3rds of the surface was salt water. The rest consisted of high plateaus with some of them being a thousand miles long and wide. Tilted at a larger angle than Earth Prime, the seasons were colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. The flora and fauna were unusually powerful and had to be stripped from the largest continent for the settling of humans. At the time of the attack there were over 19 billion people on the world.

History before the Fall – After a fierce defense from S-ships and satellite fortresses, the aliens were able to come down and strafe the single continent with people on it. These aliens used radiation and nano-killers to reduce the world. When they were through, there wasn’t a road left or one brick left on top of another in any of the cities. Nanobot-viruses swept the world and killed much of the life.

Current Planetary Status – The world is in chaos. Mutations move about on the air, land, and sea changing into horrific things bent on eating anything living. Every time an intelligent specie rises up it is swarmed by other mutations and destroyed before they get a chance to gain a foothold someplace. Viewed from above there are huge tracks of radiation blasted lands. Some of these lands show bare earth while others are a profusion of vibrant mutated flora and fauna.

Important Creatures – Sworshers are a mutated race of porpoises generating villages in the shallows of many locations around the world. They are fierce warriors who attack first and ask questions later.

Axers are a ten feet tall highly intelligent bird with a killing beak strike that has allowed the creature to become the dominant life form on several of the land masses.

Aerilas are massive 90 feet long flying creatures capable of sweeping down on vegetation and sucking up tons and then floating back up into the sky again. They are fixed with several different types of powerful mutations allowing them to communicate and attack with great force.

Important Ruins – There are no visible ruins on this world. There is a great deal of hidden technology in the radiated continent. Much of this technology is very advanced, but tainted with deadly radiation.

Planetary Leaders – As chaos is the rule on this world there are no leaders able to do any organizing. There are many different types of mutated intelligent races working to create their own safe enclaves on the shattered world.

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3 – 4.3 Proxima Centauri 0 Yellow Sun
Geography – There were no planets in the Proxima solar system, however there were four huge asteroid fields circling the yellow sun. There were so many masses of heavy metals in the system that it was a natural for mining concerns to create collecting and smelting stations in the space around the asteroids.

History before the Fall – Very surprised, the aliens came into the system and the robotic systems used asteroids as defensive shields. All of the A. I.s were able to mount rail cannon attack systems that were able to destroy all of the alien invaders. For the next fifty years the systems repaired themselves, but ran out of important technical components for the active systems. The intelligence's were forced to delve into the alien hulks for technology. This vastly changed the programming systems of the formerly human systems.

Current Planetary Status – Huge alien forts ring all parts of the asteroid fields. Strange combinations of alien and human mechanical systems watch over the systems and guard the mining that continues.

Important Creatures – The system is filled with mechanical creatures that are part spaceship and part robot. Robotic units are capable of grappling onto a spaceship and draining all of the power.

Proxima – The largest fortification is controlled by an A.I. calling itself Proxima. It is more alien robot than human. It doesn’t want anything to do with outside forces. However, there are supplies that the system desperately needs. It’s willing to trade huge amounts of heavy metals for those technical supplies.

Centauri – These are robotic troops that man the fortifications and many of the mining camps in the asteroid belts.

Mining Units – These machines are attracted to metals of all types. When new spaceships come into the system large clusters of these machines try to cut up the ships.

Important Ruins – There are two ruined mining complexes that were never repaired. These have traces of alien and human equipment.

Planetary Leaders – Proxima is the current leader of all of the systems mechanicals. Destroying or controlling that unit gains the characters control over the system.

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7 years 9 months ago #85

So much adventure potential on all of these worlds :)

"It is useless for sheepoids to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism while the wolfoid remains of a different opinion."
- Mutant Sage Willy Ralph Inge
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7 years 9 months ago #86

4 -- 5.9 Barnard's Star 5 Orange Sun
Geography – In a narrow band there is a pair of planets circling the Barnard’s star that could support human populations. One world was extremely cold and undergoing terraforming (Planet Shaping) to warm it up. That planet was called Frigia. The other orb was closer to the sun and called Helmuth and there was a great deal of heat and deserts on that world.

History before the Fall – Both of these planets had thriving populations that were entirely wiped out by the alien attacks. The terraforming systems made Frigia slightly warmer and there are now places of vegetation on the surface of the planet high in the mountains. Helmuth also changed to slightly cooler and there are large lakes with surrounding vegetation.

Current Planetary Status – On Frigia an intelligent bacterium has developed. It has spread over the planet and seeks to gain control of any living beings that come down to explore. Helmuth has several races of smoke creatures that are as smart as dogs and quite capable of attacking explorers.

Important Creatures – Frigia’s bacteria comes in three different types; all white and all looking like snow. One type can thrive in the plastic chip environment. One type grows rapidly on the flesh of anything. The last type grows in the presence of heat blasts and can grow over the top of a landing spaceship.

Important Ruins – There are vague ruins on both planets, but nothing that gives information to explorers.

Planetary Leaders – There are no leaders of any type on those worlds.

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